What's a Yoda?
I got yer Yoda riiiiight here!



  1. Damn, it’s Great to be an Ewok!
    You might think you know what a day in the life of an Ewok is like, but you don’t. First off, there is a lot more singing!
  2. It’s Mine
    Emperor George (Lucas) Palpatine looks down from his Death Star on his Ewoks…
  3. Look at Me, Look at You
    Logray gives Wicket the 411 on what Kneesaa is going to want in a suitor now that she’s princess, and it’s not great news for Wicket.
  4. A Little Light
    Wicket’s big solo number and torch song that happens to catch him mid-poop while in patrol in the forest. Wicket’s always had a “happy place” and a “little light” inside him, but will it last or is it time to “grow up?”
  5. Princess Sleia
    A strange human suddenly appears on the forest floor. She introduces herself to Wicket, and upon learning he doesn’t speak Galactic Basic takes the opportunity to unburden herself of the frustration and anger she’s been keeping bottled up for so long…
  6. It’s Mine (Reprise)
    Emperor (George) Palpatine reveals to his highest ranking science officer that the Ewoks were made to be toys! Here’s why…
  7. Defying Palpatine
    The end of Act 1. Wicket leads the Ewoks on a mission to rescue Princess Kneesaa. Kneesaa and Logray argue, the Emperor and the Ensign plot a mission forward and great new truths will be revealed…
  8. Ewoks in Stock
    Emperor Palpatine’s show stopping disco promotional ad for his Ewoks. Jump to light speed for Love Day!
  9. Ee Chee Wa Maa!
    Wicket rallies the Ewok tribe and enjoins them to stand up for the right to tell their own story. Oh, and rescue Princess Kneesaa!
  10. A Little Light (Reprise)
    Wicket makes it to Kneesaa who is being held prisoner by someone they both have had a past with.
  11. Fuckin’ Bullshit
    The Ensign has had enough of the sexism and racism that runs through the Empire and makes everyone else so bad at being bad.
  12. It’s Ours (Finale)
    The Finale. The Ewoks have fought for and won the right to tell their own story. Taking back ownership of their mythos and legacy. There’s a temptation to make it “all mine” as it once was, but they decide that it’s not just “mine,” it’s “ours!”



How are you not being sued right now?
How can I see this show? Where is it playing?
Is Wicket appropriate for Woklings?
What is the running time of the show?